We are India’s First, Largest & Only Organized Store of the Re-cycled | Re-purposed | Up-cycled Product(s) created from practically every form of Dry Waste.

A few words

Trust in our experience as we Trust in Nature

‘Nature' is the Biggest 'Recycler' of all times. Nothing that 'Nature' produces creates a mess, even after its 'Life Cycle' is over. Whether it's Plants, Animals or Humans - once the life span is over, 'Nature' converts it back to its very origin.

As a matter of fact, post the life cycle is over, the Recycled version at times is much more valuable and unique than the original one, for instance Diamonds and Fuel.

From this cue, @ ‘Max Rebuilds’ & ‘Pushp’; we do our best to create the Re-cycled/ Re-purposed/ Up-cycled Product(s) as the better version of the Original one(s). We feel humbled and take pride in sharing that we are India’s First, Largest & the Only Organized Store of the Re-cycled/ Re-purposed/ Up-cycled Product(s) created from practically every form of Dry Waste.

We create concepts to make Nature, Environment & Society more Sustainable

The Products that are created under the umbrella of ‘Max Rebuilds’ & ‘Pushp’ are offered under ‘xchange’ when we pick up the ‘Recyclables’ from Residential Societies/ Offices/ Industries/ Schools/ Institutions, etc. Hence, the concept of ‘Max Xchange’ originated.

We have been collecting ‘Recyclables’ since year 2014. What started as a humble school project of Max (Vikramjeet Singh Kanwar) (in 2014; a Grade 5 Student of DPS International Edge, Gurgaon) has now taken the shape of a full-fledged structured NGO and an organization dealing in managing ‘Recyclables’ (Dry Waste) and processing the same.

We started with only collecting Newspapers in 2014; and now we have expanded our horizons to Collecting every form of Dry Waste – Paper, Cardboard, Plastic (MLPs, Single Use Plastic, PET Bottles, Containers, and / or any form of Plastic), Metal, Glass Bottles, Tyres, Cigarette Buds, etc. As on date, we cater to about 500Kg – 1 Ton of Recyclables on a daily basis.

In ‘xchange’ of the Dry Waste / ‘Recyclables’ collected, we offer a variety of products categories – ranging from Stationery, Incense Dhoop, Furniture, Furnishings, Handbags & Accessories, Planters, Kids Rides, Candles, Glassware, Wellness Range, Air Fresheners / Odor Absorber, Compost, Dog Toys, etc.

Under this ‘Social Innovation’, we don’t only contribute our bit in saving the Environment, but also help the underprivileged section of the society (especially women & specially abled) lead a respectable livelihood.

Our Team

Max (Vikramjeet Singh Kanwar)

Spearheaded by Max (Vikramjeet Singh), the ‘Max Xchange’ team is about 50+ people strong. He is blessed to have lot of Mentors and supporters with whose support; the team is able to cater to about 500kgs – 1 Ton of Recyclables on a daily basis.

Women from various Villages

The finesse of about 15 women (from different villages) further strengthens the team. It is not only their skill which is commendable – it is the will and the desire to be independent and self-sufficient, which makes them stand out.

Our Processing & Recycling Team

A strong & dedicated team consisting of Segregators, Machine Operators, Helpers, Technicians, Supervisors, Artisans, & Drivers – is what makes our back bone – because of which we stand tall and claim to be India’s First, Largest & the Only Organized Store of the Re-cycled/ Re-purposed/ Up-cycled Product(s) created from practically every form of Dry Waste.

What do we do?


We convert (waste) into reusable material.

Recycling is no longer a choice, it’s a need. As the lifestyle and the disposable income of the of the people is improving, the Recyclables that are being produced is increasing at a drastic rate. Look around, you would be surrounded by disposable items; such as - wrappers / covers/ boxes of a simple pencil/ pen set, chocolate, ice cream, shampoo, toothbrush/ toothpaste, apparels, shoes, electronics, packaging material of the online shopping products, water bottles, juices tertapacks, soft drink bottles, milk pouches, fmcg, etc etc etc…. and the list is literally endless.

We Re-purpose

Ever imaging what happens to the newspaper that you read in the morning – What happens to it after you are done reading? Well what if we were to tell you that we create sturdy and smooth pencils (much better than the wooden ones) out of these newspapers.

Or, what happens to the Tyres when they are worn out and you go for a change of tyres for your vehicle? Well, next time when you visit some hotel or showroom or a friends place, take a moment to think – is this furniture made from wood or tyres?

We Up-cycle

People who like the taste of alcohol love their drinks, which are packaged in fine quality beautiful bottles. More often than not these bottles are simply discarded. Well, here is where the Up-cycling solutions come into play. Some of the finest Glassware and premium Candles is what we create from these discarded bottles – and as the meaning of up-cycling goes – the upcycled product is of much higher quality and value than the original product itself!

Now that you would have gotten the taste of what up-cycling does – let us show you another dimension.

  • Max Xchange
    Head Office - DLF Phase 5, Gurugram, Haryana
    Regional Office - Plot No. 28, Village Bandhwari, Gurugram, Haryana
    Warehouse- Bandhwari, Haryana
    Unit - Palwal, Haryana