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What to do with my Old Clothes

Most of us have solutions for taking care of Old Paper, Cardboard, Plastic, Metal, etc - Call a service provider / kabaadiwala / raddiwala - and it's done.

But more often than not, we are stuck with Old Clothes - some in a decent condition and some torn and worn off. What to do with old clothes?

One option is to Donate - but to reach the right person at times is a problem.

And gone are the golden days when the 'bartanwalla' used to visit our houses in the 'galis' - and our parents and grandparents used to xchange old clothes with utensils.

Well, here's the solution to something that most of the people (especially in metros) struggle with - Correct Disposal of Old Clothes.

Thinking Out of the Box mostly works and it has done wonders for us.

We bring back the age old - Barter System - Xchange your Old Clothes and choose amongst a variety of 100+ Products in categories such as: Stationery | Furniture | Furnishings | Handbags | Glassware | Insence Dhoop | Planters | Home Necessities | Lights etc.

We weigh the #OldClothes and allocate Points against them.

In turn, we use them to give employment to about 15 women and a segment of Underprivileged Section by creating Max Rebuilds products such as:

Handbags | Planters | Body Pillows | Floor Beds etc.

And that's not all - with the Old Denim collected, we Up-cycle and create a special range of Denim Furnishings - Cushions and Body Pillows - which are sturdy and sexy at the same time - as it's said - Denim never goes out if fashion.

n the near future, we intend to introduce Denim Handbags and Footwear as well.

So, if you look and observe the Complete Picture - By giving us your clothes, you Not only avoid them reaching the Landfills and create further pollution, but also help loads of women and the underprivileged earn a living and live a respectable life. In addition the Up-cycled products are mostly a better version of the original source itself.

This is by far the best solution that exists as on date to the best of our knowledge. 3-in-One

  • • Saving Nature
  • • Providing Employment to Women and Underprivileged
  • • To Barter old clothes for the 100+ Product Range

As if now we create Furnishings, Furniture and Handbags from the Old Clothes. But with our constant R&D, we are sure that we will be able to provide many more options created from the Old Cloth Collection from you.

Happy Recycling ♻
Team Max Xchange

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