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Single Finished Ottoman Couch

(MRP: INR 3250/-)

  • Our Home is a reflection of our soul. So, every bit of furniture and furnishings speak about of people who convert the four walls into their home. The Ottoman Couch is especially designed for adding warmth to such spaces.
  • The soft velvety touch, the warm bright colors, while maintaining a sturdy balance – with these qualities, it won’t be incorrect to compare the Ottoman Couch with the Mother’s Lap and Love.
  • This Royal & Unique piece of Furniture shall fill up any empty space of your abode. It can act as an anchor in the Living Room, or a cozy bright velvety part of your Bedroom, or even a relaxed seating for the Home Theatre.
  • The huge size of the couch makes the seating real comfortable, and it is this factor that adds the element of Grandeur to it.
  • The inside of this superior quality Ottoman Couch is a Waste Tyre. This unique feature is the best example of Up-cycling and this sets it apart from the mainline furniture. Obviously, because of the raw material, it is strong, sturdy and really durable, and the best quality foam, ply and the velvet fabric and the workmanship makes it a beauty – Best of both worlds!
  • The Couch is really comfortable to sit on. While the in-built flexibility of the tyre gives it a spring effect, the added layers of foam on the top and its circumference makes it soft and fluffy. Also along with the in-built strength of the tyre itself, and the thick pieces of ply and sturdy planks placed inside the tyre gives the couch enough strength to hold any weight.
  • Designed to handle extremities of your mood swings or that of the time - this couch guarantees to be your companions for a real long time.
  • “Max Element”:
  • You don’t only get a piece of furniture for your open spaces, with every purchase; you help save the Environment as these are Up-cycled Products made from Waste Tyres.
  • Ideal for any Home with people full of warmth, as the users of this Ottoman Couch contribute in making a section of the Under-privileged society self-sufficient.
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