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We can help you save upto “30 Litres of Water” Everyday! – Without you Spending any extra Money.

70% of Our Planet is WATER
70% of our Body is WATER
70% of our Mind is WATER

And yet, what an Irony! We are struggling for Water. Go back a few years – My Grandmom tells me that in their times, water was available freely – there were no Mineral Water Bottles / Packaged Water – There were No ROs, and yet people were healthier.

Today, in our times, RO is a Mandatory Equipment – “A Necessary Evil”. Drinking Running Tap Water would make us sick. And, of course water is being sold in Plastic Bottles, and now there are Water ATMs – Really!

Water ATM is definitely a sign and a message – that Water is more or as precious as your paper currency – So, use it wisely!

But the question is – Have we Learnt ??!!

Having a RO (Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier) at your home is Mandatory. If the RO Breaks down for 1 day, then we have to rush to the market to buy those big Mineral Water Bottles.

But something that is so ‘Precious’ should ideally be dealt with Carefully – But in reality, 95% of the Homes use it in the most Callous Careless Manner.

Are you aware that Three Liters of Water runs as ‘WASTE’ from the RO Purifier for every 1 Liter of Water it produces (3:1). And on an average about 10 Litre of Drinking/ RO Water is consumed in a Family on a daily basis – Implying 30Litres of Water literally goes ‘Down the Drain’. But most of us probably haven’t even bothered to stop for a minute and look at the constantly dripping water from the extended pipe that comes out of the RO and goes in the Sink.

Have you?

keeping us alive – and Unfortunately these are the 5 Elements which are being Abused the most by us Humans.

70% of us is Water, and most of us won’t survive without for more than 3 – 4 Days. And yet, we Do Not Care.

The least we can do is save the ‘WASTE’ water coming from RO for purposes such as:

  • Reuse in Plants

  • Cleaning Utensils (The best way is to use the Waste RO water to wash off utensils because salt content in it does not let left food get stick to utensils)

  • Washing Clothes (Washing clothes with waste RO water is perfect because salt content in it is powered to take dirt away)

  • Washing your car

  • Put in Cooler

  • Mop the Floor (post mixing it with tap water to avoid stains)

  • Use in washing Machine

  • Use in Toilet

  • Gardening Plants (post mixing it with tap water)

  • Bathing (post mixing it with tap water)

This is the least we can do to contribute in the water crisis for our own survival.

And all that needs to be done is to have an arrangement (Permanent or Temporary) by placing a Water Collector, so that the run off water can be collected and re-used.

Most of us have the RO Unit placed in the Kitchen above the sink. The easiest is to collect the water and utilize it to wash the soiled utensils. As a matter of fact, Waste RO water is ideal to wash off utensils because salt content in it does not let left food get stick to utensils. Further, this would also save the trouble of picking up the collector and taking it to the car or the planters, washing machine, cooler, etc.

Now, the ICING on the CAKE.

To get this Entire Set Up done, Neither do you have to DO any EFFORT; Nor do you have to SPEND any MONEY. We shall do the work for you. All you need to do is ‘SPEND your WASTE’

Just call the ‘Max Xchnage’ Team, we shall have the set up done for you, and for the cost incurred, we shall “COLLECT the WASTE” from your place (waste paper, plastic, metal, glass, etc).

There possibly cannot be a Sweeter Deal than this – “SAVE WATER – SAVE MONEY – SPEND WASTE”.

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