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Waste is not Waste unless Wasted

If you closely observe Nature - What's waste to one is the source of survival for another. For instance dead animals who otherwise would have created mess is the reason for survival for Vultures, insects and many more.

So while we are just a small offshoot of the 'Nature' itself, how can we go against the basic principles.

And when we try and go against the rules of Nature, we end up with earthquakes, epidemics and conditions which make our own survival difficult.

With this cue, @ Max Xchange we Recycle | Up-cycle | Re-purpose every form of Dry Waste and concert it into about 100+ products.

As Diamond is a better (Recycled) version of coal, so are most of our products.

And best part - one may buy anything of his / her choice without spending money. Just spend Waste and purchase the product of your choice.

Happy Recycling ♻
Team Max Xchange

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