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The Biggest Recycler - 'Nature'

'Nature' is the Biggest 'Recycler'♻ of all times. Nothing that 'Nature' produces creates a mess, even after its 'Life Cycle' is over. Whether it's Plants, Animals or Humans - once the life span is over, 'Nature' converts it back to its very origin.

As a matter of fact, post the life cycle is over, the Recycled version at times is much more valuable and unique than the original one, for instance Diamonds and Fuel.

From this cue, @ ‘Max Rebuilds’ & ‘Pushp’ ; we do our best to create the Re-cycled/ Re-purposed/ Up-cycled Product(s) as the better version of the Original one(s). We feel humbled and take pride in sharing that we are India’s First, Largest & the Only Organized Store of the Re-cycled/ Re-purposed/ Up-cycled Product(s) created from practically every form of Dry Waste.

The Products that are created under the umbrella of ‘Max Rebuilds’ & ‘Pushp’ are offered under ‘xchange’ when we pick up the ‘Recyclables’ from Residential Societies/ Offices/ Industries/ Schools/ Institutions, etc. Hence, the concept of ‘Max Xchange’ originated.

We have been collecting ‘Recyclables’ since year ‘2015. What started as a humble school project of Max (Vikramjeet Singh Kanwar) (in 2015; a Grade 5 Student of DPS International Edge, Gurgaon) has now taken the shape of a full-fledged structured organisation dealing in managing ‘Recyclables’ (Dry Waste) and processing the same.

We started with only collecting Newspapers in ‘2015; and now we have expanded our horizons to Collecting every form of Dry Waste – Paper, Cardboard, Plastic (MLPs, Single Use Plastic, PET Bottles, Containers, and / or any form of Plastic), Metal, Glass Bottles, Tyres, Cigarette Buds, etc. As on date, we cater to about 500Kg – 1 Ton of Recyclables on a daily basis.

In ‘xchange’ of the Dry Waste / ‘Recyclables’ collected, we offer a variety of products categories – ranging from Stationery, Handbags, Insrnce Dhoop, Furniture, Furnishings, Planters, Glassware, Home Necessities, etc.

Under this ‘Social Innovation’, we don’t only contribute our bit in saving the Environment, but also help the underprivileged section of the society (especially women & specially abled) lead a respectable livelihood.

We currently cater to Gurgaon, Faridabad, & parts of Delhi. However, we intend to expand to other parts of North India soon enough.

Hence the motto of our group: ‘Except Time, everything is Recyclable’.

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