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Except Time, everything is 'Recyclable’

Max Xchange’ is a name synonymous to putting efforts in creating ‘Zero Waste’ Communities. A Social Enterprise innovated by a nine (09) year old school going student, Vikramjeet Singh Kanwar (Max) in 2015 has now taken the form of a professional Waste Management Organization.
‘Waste Management’ is a nationwide (even a worldwide) problem and experts all across have invested hours in brainstorming sessions and research. All government authorities, municipal bodies, building managements and associations are struggling to find solutions to tackle ‘Waste’.

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    Select the Date & Time as per your convenience for the Scrap | Recyclables to be collected.

  • We will collect

    Our team of trained & verified riders will visit your doorstep, weigh and collect the Scrap

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    As per the rate card, the amount equivalent to the value of Scrap can be Paid in Cash | Digital Online Payment – UPI / wallet | Used for Shopping

More Abut Max Xchange

Always Working for a Clean Tomorrow

The brand takes pride in offering Innovative Solutions which are Trendsetters in the domain of Waste Management. The team works towards providing 360-degree solutions for the Waste Management issues of both - The ‘Bulk Waste Generators’, and ‘Individual Households’. At a Macro level, the organization deals with the larger perspective of Bulk Waste being produced, in form of the Daily Garbage | ‘kachra’ by Residential Societies | Condominiums | Commercial Establishments, and is the First and probably the Only Waste Management company that thrives to build ‘Zero Waste Societies @ Zero Cost’, while following all the norms as mentioned in the Solid Waste Management, 2016. At a Micro level, however ‘Max Xchange’ operates as the local ‘kabadiwala’ and collects the Scrap from Individual Customers from their Doorstep while making the process of Scrap Management Simplified, Professional and Rewarding both for the Customers and the Environment.

Why Us?

Best Rates

We provide the best value for your scrap by Recyclers.



Doorstep pickup according to user's convenient date & time.



Trained & Verified Pickup Staff with Swapeco Smart Weighing Scale



We ensure responsible recycling of your scrap items.

What We’re Offering

The Services We’re Providing


Scrap Collection

Digitised solution for the door-to-door free pickup of 40+ recyclables


Zero Waste Society @ Zero Cost

Serving the Residential Societies in achieving their zero waste goals.


Solid Waste Management

Following the SWM-2016 norms, managing the Solid Waste while ensure practically nothing reaches the Landfill.


Creating Black Gold

Converting the liability of Bulk Waste Generators –The Wet Waste | Horticulture Waste into Black Gold | Compost using Aerobic Techniques.


Zero waste offices

Serving the Commercial establishments | Offices | Institutes in achieving their zero waste goals.


Shredding service

Aiding Businesses in the safe & secure disposal of their confidential documents.


Dismantling service

Providing holistic approach to implement circular solutions to the scrap disposal.


Circular Economy Services

Planning, designing, and successfully executing brand's CSR campaigns as per their desired objectives.


E-waste Handling

As an authorized e-waste Collector and Segregator, we ensure proper processing of the collected E-waste.

Why Choose Us?

We Make Sure your Waste Goes to the Right Place

'Nature' is the Biggest 'Recycler' of all times. Nothing that 'Nature' produces creates a mess, even after its 'Life Cycle' is over. Whether it's Plants, Animals, or Humans; once the life span is over, 'Nature' converts it back to its very origin. As a matter of fact, post the life cycle is over, the Recycled version at times is much more valuable and unique than the original version, for instance Diamonds and Fuel.

Inspired by the largest Recycler, ‘Nature’; at ‘Max Xchange’, we believe that ‘Waste is Not Waste, unless Wasted’, and we follow the inherent philosophy that ‘Except Time, everything is Recyclable’.

With just a tweak in our approach by considering ‘Waste’ as Treasure - not a Problem, and our belief that ‘Waste’ is an Asset - Not a Liability, we create ‘ZERO WASTE Societies’ by ensuring that all the Recyclables are sent for Processing | Recycling | Upcycling; and nothing reaches the Landfills | Dumping Yards.

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About the Founder 

More often than not, the ideas of a 9-year-old kid are not taken seriously by the society in general. But again, most of the breakthroughs are made by the ones who have broken the societal norms. From being the Founder of a Social Enterprise at the age of nine, to being an Ecopreneur at the age of 16 has been an enterprising journey for Vikramjeet Singh Kanwar (Max). Now a Grade 12 student of DPS International Edge- Gurgaon, Max has always been fascinated by ‘Nature’ and its simple yet efficient Recycling methodologies.

As a matter of fact, post the life cycle is over, the Recycled version at times is much more valuable and unique than the original version, for instance Diamonds and Fuel. So, the seed of the Idea of the enterprise comes from the ‘Nature’ and every activity performed in the organization is dedicated to the Environment itself.

If we want to Breathe | Drink | Eat – The Only Option

Solid Waste Management | Daily Garbage Solution

Solid Waste Management or in general words, the management of the Daily Garbage | Trash | ‘Kacchra’ accumulated is the dire necessity of the hour. Under an exceptional situation wherein we find ‘Planet B’ in about next 50 years and also a mechanism to shift there, managing the Daily Garbage produced by each individual / household / commercial establishment is the only way our future generations would be able to still breathe fresh air and possibly have access to clean ground water resources, and food.

While Solid Waste Management seems to be a humongous tedious task; and all our Municipal Bodies, Building Managements and RWAs are working towards finding solutions, we at ‘Max Xchange’ believe that it’s a problem with a very simple Solution! – ‘Manage the Waste / Garbage intelligently so that nothing reaches the Landfills | Dumping Grounds’, by simply treating it as a ‘Treasure’; and not a problem! We follow a simple 3 step solution - Segregating | Composting | Recycling – Hence, Creating Zero Waste Societies , and we offer this solution @ Zero Cost.

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  • The Journey from being ‘kachra wala’ to a ‘Safai wala’

    Building ‘Zero Waste Societies’, at a Macro level benefits the entire community. But, along with this change brought by the team, with the support of ‘Be Positive Foundation’; Team ‘Max Xchange’ ensures that the dignity of sanitation workers and ragpickers who are responsible for this drastic change is maintained and they are given the respect and recognition of being a part of a professional set up and are looked upon as ‘safai walas’, and not ‘kachra walas’.

    Further, while working as a next door Online ‘Kabadiwala’ at a micro level, the team is trying to Revolutionize the Traditional Kabadi System by making the Process of Scrap Management Simplified & Rewarding for both Customers & the Environment. However, in the process, the team ensures that the scrap collectors are recognized as Waste Managers as they are the inherent part of our society and the most essential and efficient link in the entire chain of the Recycling Process. It is these Scrap Collectors | ‘Kabbadi walas’ because of whom the scrap produced from every single household across the country reaches the Recyclers and not the Trash Bins or Landfills.


Except Time, everything is Recyclable.


750,000 +

kilograms waste diverted from land fills.
1.5 Lakh 




5.2 Lakh




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Over the years, the problem of waste management is growing like a mammoth. However, we believe that the solution is very simple – Look at ‘Waste’ as a Treasure, not a problem. Give us an opportunity to manage your Recyclables in a professional organized manner, and together let’s create ‘Zero Waste Societies’.

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